Our Services


Our consultancy services cover two key areas, securing the skills and knowledge needed to lead any market through our comprehensive recruitment solutions, and ensuring any organisation is maximising the potential of technology to deliver the agile, efficient operation that allows them respond to new challenges and innovate in the market.

In both cases, our team deliver exceptional guidance and leadership, leveraging market experience and combining that with innovative vision and clarity of focus to create outstanding outcomes in every situation.

In addition, we are industry leading experts in transformational technology, including artificial intelligence and big data, guiding organisations when integrating this new technology into existing systems and ensuring that any project delivers the desired outcomes in an efficient, non-disruptive manner.

Flexible Workplace Solutions

With a highly experienced team with an expansive industry network, we are able to provide bespoke recruitment solutions for clients across Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Our consultants are experts in their fields, helping clients to find the ideal candidates for any IT position. We recruit for both temporary and permanent? as well as contract roles at all levels, using industry-best practices recruitment processes to ensure fast recruitment for crucial positions. Our guidance delivers access to our pool of resources that enables quick decisions, and covers the full range of workplace needs, including:

  • Specialist skills recruitment, either individual on behalf of clients or delivered through our own resource capabilities
  • Complete project teams tailored to meet specific needs
  • Resource management
  • IT Consultancy and Project Services

    Our consultancy work covers a broad range of technologies that ensure we are well placed to guide clients with both existing and planned system platforms. Our highly skilled team provide full end-to-end support for any project, from design to deployment, including project management and complete testing automation as required.
    Our project management team work in close partnership with internal testing teams to ensure successful deployment, including complete off shore delivery and support capabilities where needed. Our team develop bespoke data analytics solutions that deliver exceptional oversight, with full tag management systems to maximise data use and enhance organisational agility and management oversight.

    Project Services

    Covering new and emerging technologies, our specialist consultants are able to provide full support for implementing big data solutions that provide leadership with exceptional insight into markets and business performance. Combined with AI learning technologies, data today offers organizations innovative approaches to business strategy and operational efficiency.
    Our consultants are experts in these transformational technology approaches, and provide complete, end-to-end management of implementation and integration with existing technology platforms. From initial design to roll-out and comprehensive training solutions, we ensure that your team has the skills and approach to fully leverage the potential of this new technology.

    Technologies and Platforms

    Our consultants are experts in a wide range of technologies and platforms, ensuring that every client enjoys maximum performance from their their current and future technology.
    Technology platforms are essential for business today, our team provides expertise across the broadest range of platforms and software solutions, including:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Java
  • .NET
  • SiteCore
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Cloud Technologies (AEM, Campaign, Test & Target, Analytics)
  • A range of database technologies – SQL, Mongo etc.
  • IOT
  • Blockchain

  • So, What Are We About?

    Pacific Management and Technology consists of a team of highly skilled industry leaders who bring a broad range of expertise to support our client’s business and technology project needs. Covering a diverse selection of market sectors, we are a full-service constancy with technology at our core.

    We understand the challenges organisations face in an ever more competitive markets, leveraging our unique knowledge pool and network of industry contacts to assist any client in obtaining the competitive edge that makes the difference today.

    Melbourne based, with offices across Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, we provide a complete range of project services, flexible workforce provision and business/IT consulting including resourcing and project delivery solutions across both technological and industry verticals.